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Cicely Herbert and W.E. Henley Poetry

Cicely Herbert & W.E. Henley
In Hospital

Two Poem Sequences 100 Years Apart
1992. 70 pages. ISBN 0 904872 19 X. £5.95.

This pair of poem sequences, both called In Hospital, were written a hundred years apart and show the continuity of a tradition which flourished in the creation of the National Health Service.
Part 1 of the book contains the twentieth century sequence, a new work by Cicely Herbert. Part II is the nineteenth century poet W. E. Henley's In Hospital.

Cicely Herbert a Barrow Poet and founder member of Poems on the Underground, spent three months in University College Hospital, London. after a serious road accident in Camden Town in 1987. While in hospital, she was 'visited' by the Victorian poet W. E. Henley.

William Ernest Henley (1849-1903) wrote his In Hospital after spending twenty months in the Old Edinburgh Infirmary under the care of Joseph Lister.

This book is dedicated to all who work in the National Health Service.

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