Keeping faith
abolished the lofty nobodaddy,
impostor butler to our shortcoming,
as well as idolatrous crown (prop)
to upper class and hierarchy, being top.

Ascending to put down
this posed legitimate of all lords,
chief mighty from his seat,
the word incarnate (god with us
and nowhere else)
cried with a human voice:

This is a stick-up
by the Earth Liberation Front
power to the people rising
for this christian story's point:
god riddance and fair sharing!

And the stars in their courses
heavenly bodies and planetary sisters
sang and matter's emergent properties
yearned in harmonies ear never heard
before then for fulfilment:

Evolution's hope the human species
becoming the best it ever guessed
and more, possessing heaven
first in imagination then getting it
down to earth to make it happen:

A loving sphere whose energy
spins delight not blighted lives not
massive pain and even when
everything has to be done
again and again and again
keeping heart.

Dinah Livingstone

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