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Dinah Livingstone Poetry

Dinah Livingstone
May Day

Poetry. 1997. 65 pages. ISBN 0 904872 27 0. 6.95.
Front and back cover and illustrations by Anne Mieke Lumsden

Here May Day is both the holiday to enjoy the gladness of May and look forward to a fairer world, and the distress signal. Moments of pain, or intimate happiness that sometimes feels like a 'foretaste', mingle with more public matters; often they combine in a single poem, as they do in any individual life.

'In this book political and personal gain strength from each other. . . This is the poetry of the world we live in, ordinary lives nonetheless graceful, knowing and strong. . . Bravo.' - Other Poetry

'Poetry of exact and visionary observation... this fine collection'' - Acumen

'Vigorous voices are around to remind us that poetry can always potentially illuminate politics. Dinah Livingstone's 'May Day...' Pennine Platform

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Dinah Livingstone
Second Sight

Poetry. 1993. 72 pages. ISBN 0 904872 20 3. 5.95.

Front and back cover illustration by Anne Mieke Lumsden

"Clearer with second sight" is how Dinah Livingstone perceives a London rowan after seeing one growing on Exmoor... "Rowan Tree" is a vivid, dynamic poem, growing in the memory like the tree.' - Lines

'A very good eye... a book of some integrity and interest.' - Stand

'A polished set of poems about London as a home town. There are some very strong pieces and the book ends with a series of poems that celebrate London's revolutionary past.' - Scratch

'I highly recommend these poems. Dinah Livingstone serves a vital cause at this time. She gives much to the many who live on the edge of cynicism and despair, the chance of hope, a "second sight" in our lives.' - Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!

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