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Kathleen McPhilemy Poetry

Kathleen McPhilemy A Tented Peace
Poetry. 1995. 52 pages. ISBN 0 904872 24 6. £5.95.

In A Tented Peace, McPhilemy sustains her view of the poet as witness. Even in her domestic poems, she is aware she inhabits 'a tented peace' in a world of violence and conflict.

Cover illustration by Anne Mieke Lumsden.

'This impressive and worthwhile collection' -- Liberation

'A Tented Peace has many subjects, but her witty turns of phrase, which cunningly twist clichés into new minted shapes, are at their most resonant when they deal with Irish memories.' -- Time Out

'Important to stress how worthwhile this collection is.' - Stand

'An atmosphere of disquiet within the ordinary domestic settings expanded to accept the intrusion of the worldwide.' -- PQR

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Kathleen McPhilemy New Poetry