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O my friend, delightful puss,
glossy black she stretches at my feet,
a purring mat with all her limbs at ease.
I lie on the sofa, watch the news,
my bones are tired and all my thoughts are furred.
Old thing, it's time for bed.

What daybreak bliss to awake
with fresh energy
in my familiar room,
hear blue tits and great tits
outside in the tree
flitting about their breakfast,
see the shadow pattern
of branches and old net curtain
which the sun re-mounting its heaven
casts on the butter-pale wall,
restoring shapes then colours
of pictures, books, the pot-plant's vigorous leaves. Thank you, Life!

Gracias a la Vida! My heart lifts.
My strength restored transmutes to gratitude.
My soul is glad as warm new sunlight shifts
my awareness, which responds with wafts
of primal love and praise (but not for god):
I see the Earth is good.

Bless the creatures themselves
rather than telling them to bless the Lord.
Bless the skies, the sun and moon
the stars of heaven,
praise them themselves as they are and change.

Bless the showers and dew,
winds, lightnings and clouds,
fire and heat,
winter and summer,
frost, cold, ice and snow.
Nights and days,
light and darkness,
praise them themselves as they are and change.

Bless the Earth,
mountains and hills,
all green things upon the Earth.
Wells, seas and rivers.
Bless the whales
and all that move in the waters.
Bless the birds of the air,
praise them themselves as they are and live.

Bless the beasts and cattle
and all the people of the Earth.
The workers of the Earth,
all who look after it and its people
and fellow creatures.
Let the dispossessed inherit.
Let them that hunger and thirst for justice
be filled. Blessed are the pure in heart
for they shall see.

I don't praise the horror and abuse.
Human kindness means we could be kind
to one another. That is the Good Old Cause.
Here in my bosom still: For all of us
a decent life enjoying peace of mind,
as, catly, you do, puss.

Dinah Livingstone

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